July 16th is the Turks Head Music Festival!

It’s another warm, summer Sunday. You ask yourself, “Is there anything I can do in West Chester this evening?” Why yes, there is! Come to the Turks Head Music Festival on July 16th from 12pm to 8pm to listen to live bands and get together with your family and friends!

What’s not to love about the Turks Head Music Festival? Keith Kurowski, director of parks and recreation, has a list of his top three reasons to love this event:

Number 1: Priceless…For Real

Attendance for the Music Festival is free – and according to Kurowski, that’s a rare find nowadays. Community members can come out to Everhart Park and not spend a penny doing so, though you can if you so choose.

Number 2: The Festival’s Longevity

“We’ve been running this event on the third Sunday in July for the past 35 years, [with few exceptions],” he stated. “That’s over 350 bands that have graced the stage!”

Number 3: The Effervescent Community Feeling

The feeling of community surrounding the park is permeable, and always accompanied by positive vibes with all of the available activities. Kurowski stated excitedly that there is always good music, good food, and good people in general. “Plus,” he added, “if you look around the neighborhood, folks have barbeques and parties as you can usually hear the music in the block around the park.”

“This event,” he concluded, “is just one of several that make West Chester such a great place to live.”

The Turks Head Music Festival is located at 100 South Brandywine Street. For more information, call 610.436.9010 or visit http://www.turksheadfestival.com/