Jump into Waterview Swim Club

Summer’s not over yet! There’s still plenty of the season left to jump in the pool at Waterview Swim Club. Open every day this month from 12-8pm, it’s the perfect place for you to swim with your friends and family, cool off by the poolside, or participate in any number of Waterview’s activities, including playing basketball, shuffleboard, playing on the playground, or watching a movie on the Movie Nights.

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For the remainder of the 2017 summer season, Waterview Swim Club is open from August 1st to August 27th and from September 2nd to September 4th.


An Olympic-sized swimming pool — perfect for all club members, whether you want to swim with your family and friends, or you just want to do laps up and down the pool. Whichever you prefer, this pool is big enough for everyone’s needs.

A wading pool — for the little swimmers, the newbie swimmers, or for those who just want to get their feet wet. This pool is most ideal for a more relaxed

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Snack bar and picnic area with grills — getting hungry after your swim? Chill with your friends and family and grill up some dogs, or choose from Watwerview’s selection of snacks at their snack bar.

Parties— for those who want a break with their friends and don’t want to be seen with their families, Waterview’s teen party is the best place for you to unwind during the summer and make new friends. And as for the School’s Out Pizza Party, well, that pretty much speaks for itself! Have fun and stay cool!


Children born after May 28, 2015 are admitted into Waterview Swim Club for free during the 2017 summer season. Visit them online to learn how you can become a member!

Waterview Swim Club is located at 16 Lochwood Lane. For any questions or inquiries, visit them online or call 610.692.3398.