Kudos to August’s Photo Hunt Winner!

This month’s photo hunt was a little tricky, but Elizabeth McKeown and her son, Logan, spotted all five differences from our Style Guide.¬†Would you be able to find all of them?


Spot the Difference:

With determination and a knack for puzzle-solving, Elizabeth and Logan made quick work of our Photo Hunt, which featured models showing off their style on a catwalk.

  • In the first picture, there is a spotlight on visible towards the top right side of the first photo, but it has disappeared in the second photo.
  • The¬†second model adorns a sweater with a face and blue lips in the first picture, but the face in the picture below it does not have blue lips.
  • The same second model is wearing a skirt with a white oval design towards the bottom of it, but the design has vanished in the second image.
  • The third model has both of her legs in the first picture, but the model is walking with one leg in the second image.
  • Model Number 3 has a section on her sweater that has pink oval designs in the first picture, but the design has become mostly gray in the second picture; only the square is pink in the bottom image.

For solving the puzzle, Elizabeth and Logan won a $25 gift card to Barnaby’s to try some of their delicious food! Stay tuned for our September Edible issue, pictured above with Logan, and play our next Photo Hunt!