Velvet Hair Studio Celebrates First Birthday

One of West Chester’s notable salons, Velvet Hair Studio is turning one year old! I spoke with the owner, Keyana Cellucci, on the Studio’s anniversary party tomorrow, September 13th from 6 to 8pm.

“[The party] is a way that we can showcase our appreciation for our loyal clients and for new clients that haven’t heard about us,” she said. “And we have different events, so they can come anytime.”

Keyana then described the “Style Me” events that Velvet holds periodically throughout the year, where new and regular clients can come in and try out a new hairstyle, whether it’s getting your hair curled, putting it up, or simply getting it blow dried.

And we usually have 20% off on our products and hot tools during these events,” she added. “That way, you guys can use the tools that our stylists use to get the same result.”

I learned that the style that’s very in right now is the hair color trend called “Cream Soda.” It’s a combination of a blond and brunette look, so you don’t have to strictly choose one color over the other. It especially looks good with the wavy and curly hair trends, which also seem to be popular among Velvet’s clients.

Keyana is very grateful for all of the support she has received from West Chester’s local businesses, as they will be supporting Velvet by helping out with the raffles, cocktails, and “swag bags,” which can be filled with various products.

Just being in West Chester and having the affiliation with the local businesses, especially because I have another business, Roots Cafe,” she described, “and having the support from the townies and them — it’s unbelievable.”

Tomorrow night, Velvet is giving anyone who attends the anniversary party $20.00 in Studio cash to use for any service that the salon offers. Make sure you redeem it between tomorrow night and October 16th to use for your next appointment! Check out Velvet Hair Studio online for more information.