15th Annual Chili Cook-Off Was a Success

Yesterday’s 15th Annual Chili Cook-Off in throughout downtown West Chester was a success, thanks to the Rotary Club of West Chester and all of the participants, volunteers, and attendees. There were over 70 varieties of chili, so it was very difficult for the judges to determine which ones were the best in each category. Here are the results:

Business Division Hometown Cook
1st: Icehead.net 1st: Manley Man Chili
2nd: MacLaren’s Fabricated Chili 2nd: Parrot Trooper Stew
3rd: Red Kettle Chili 3rd:  MidKnight Runs


 Non-Profit Division  Restaurant Division
 1st: Scrapple-licious Church Farm Chili  1st: Barnaby’s House Chili
 2nd: Grand Friends Chili  2nd: PJ’s Fire Alarm Chili
 3rd:  Ram Good Chili  3rd: Ferociously Spicy Chili


 Best Decorated Booth  People’s Choice
 1st: Parrot Trooper Stew  1st: Church Farm School
 2nd: Church Farm School  2nd: Parrot Trooper Stew
 3rd: Habenero Brothers

I personally remember trying a couple of chili samples yesterday. PJ’s Fire Alarm Chili was so spicy, but it was also super flavorful. And Side Bar had a salty, but savory chili. It was a fun atmosphere eating chili with my friends and family. My friend Chrissy also attended the Chili Cook-Off, as she has done in years past, and she explained why she extensively enjoys the event.

“There are just so many varieties of chili,” she explained. “It’s very inspiring to see how much hard work and effort everyone put into making their chili. And because you can buy wrist bands for $12, the fun here is affordable.”

Out of all of the chili samples she tried, Chrissy enjoyed the chili from America’s Pie, which had a nice, satisfying balance between spicy and sweet. No aspect of their chili was overpowering the other.

Find out more about the West Chester Chili Cook-Off, how you can participate in 2018, and about the Rotary Club‘s mission online.