Sweet Tooth Issue is Released!

Get ready to feast on the best desserts West Chester has to offer. Plus take part in loads of Halloween activities. We divided and conquered a baker’s dozen, or thirteen, of the best purveyors of delicious desserts in the West Chester area. We also set out across the borough with friends and family in late September to catalogue our favorite cold creations and share them with you. Finally, we delved into West Chester’s best Halloween specials, so you can attend the most spectacular events our community has to offer.

Baker’s Dozen

Kate Chadwick compiled a confectionery collection of West Chester’s 13 best bakers. Here are a few of them.

“You can opt for a Bakedwich, an ice cream sandwich made with cookies, or an Un-Bakedwich…wrap your brain around that” – Baked

“I tried Maryellen’s Cake Pops at the “Up on the Roof” event and I’m still not over them. The most popular flavors are vanilla, chocolate chip, Oreo, peanut butter, Blackout, lemon raspberry, red velvet…pick one. Or seven” – Cakes & Candies by Maryellen

“They have a new Cinnamon Sugar Sconut. Yes, I said ‘sconut,’ which is exactly what it sounds like: a cross between a scone and a doughnut” – Delightful Desserts

Cold Creations

Dan Mathers went on an extensive search for the best cold desserts in the borough.

“I like to go for their gelato sandwich—  two big, delicious, homemade chocolate chip cookies stuffed with the gelato of your choice” – Gemelli Artisanal Gelato

“Their Vegan Mint Chip is made using the same process as regular gelato, but with one twist: they use coconut milk instead of cow products” – D’Ascenzo’s Gelato

“If there’s one thing that sets this shop apart from competition, it’s that they’re the only shop in the country that carries Graeter’s ice cream outside of the original Graeter’s in Ohio” – West Chester Coffee & Ice Cream Bar

Halloween Happenings

I hit the pavement and found the most fun and fall-filled activities for you to participate in and attend.

“The West Chester Halloween Parade entertains all ages. It celebrates West Chester’s pride in performance with local marching bands, floats from area businesses, and the best costumes in the borough.”

“It’s difficult to decline the thrill of a good scare during Halloween season, but if you combine a three-course meal of your choice from The Social Lounge, the proposition becomes downright irresistible.”

“Even if you’re not a fan of Star Wars, this Galactic Empire rock concert will thrill the whole family, from the heavy metal head to the Jedi enthusiast.”

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