AfroBear To Film Music Video Tonight at Jitters Sports Bar

If you have ever wanted to star in a music video, now’s your chance! Tonight from 6pm to 8pm at Jitters Sports Bar, join AfroBear as they film their music video for one of their new songs from their debut album. This song, called “I Know It’s Hard,” is a duet performed by Sidney Joseph and Amanda, two of the four members that make up this West Chester-based band. For a little over a year, AfroBear has been performing throughout the state. I spoke with Sidney Joseph about how he and AfroBear members, Amanda, Teddy, and Doug all came together to form the iconic, local band.

“We were a bunch of local musicians performing in different bands,” Sidney said. “It was Doug and me, and Teddy and Amanda. We crossed paths one day and started jamming out together. And the chemistry was just there.”

“How did you think of a name like AfroBear for your band?” I’d asked him.

“We were all camping one night and we were talking about bears,” he said. “What if we were attacked? The name just came to us after that.”

The band plays an ecletic mix of folk, reggae, hip-hop, rap, and blues. Tonight’s song, “I Know It’s Hard,” will be a lighter song. Written by both Sidney and Amanda, it will portray the struggles and frustrations of being in a relationship and being misunderstood, from a man’s and woman’s perspective.

“The extras will be hanging out in the crowd watching us,” he said. “We’re thinking of splitting the group into men and women and then having them join together at the end of the song. We’re going to have a lot of crowd shots!”

Sidney is very grateful for AfroBear’s fan reception.

“West Chester is a great town,” he said. “We use it as our home base. And Jitters Bar was one of the first bars I performed in as a musician, so that’s exciting.”

AfroBear will be performing in the Kennett Brewing Company in Kennett Square on December 15th. They plan to release tonight’s music video around New Year’s Eve. For more information on their events, visit their website.