Owners of the Month: Dia Doce & Cathey’s Bar

For the month of December, we chatted with Thais Viggue of Dia Doce and Cathey Slayton of Cathey’s Coffee Bar. For four years, they have been located on South High Street bringing you the best in cupcakes, coffee, and service. Here is part of our interview with them:

How long has Dia Doce and Cathey’s Coffee Bar been around?

Thais Viggue: Since September 2013

Cathey Slayton: We just celebrated our fourth anniversary.

S: How did you and Thais decide to go into business together?

C: Thais is married to my son. They came to me at my job one day and said “Cathey, do you want to quit your job and open your own coffee shop?”

S: Do you think there’s a unique family dynamic here, since you are mother-in-law and daughter-in-law?

C: Absolutely!

T: Because as much as you frustrate each other, you still love each other.

C: And we spend a lot of time together.

S: What makes Dia Doce special?

C: It’s Thais. Truly, it’s her.

T: But people love our cupcakes, coffee, and our consistency. It’s the place, it’s the atmosphere, and the truck, which has been around since 2011. The truck got our name out there, so when we opened the store, people already knew who we were.

S: What’re the most popular cupcakes and coffees?

C: Peanut Butter Blackout is the most popular cupcake. It’s a little piece of heaven.

T: The most popular coffee I would say is the espresso and the cold brew.

S: And every cupcake is made from scratch everyday?

T: Yes, every morning.

C: She gets up at 3am every morning, but if there are a lot of orders, she’ll be here at midnight. Our customers know if the lights are on, they can knock on the door.

S: Did you always know that this is what you wanted to do?

T: I had no idea, but I can’t imagine anything different.

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