Get a Sneak Peek Inside “West Chester Reads”

Our January issue, “West Chester Reads,” is out!

No electricity required; get ready to read!

Bookworms, assemble! We’ve highlighted the best places to read, purchase, and check out books in West Chester — and at low costs, too! Plus, all of these local businesses have an extensive history. I bet you didn’t know Baldwin’s Book Barn dates back to 1822, or that the West Chester Public Library was established by the early 19th century. And all proceeds collected from both Second Reading stores are contributed to the West Chester Senior Center. Essentially, when you read, you support your community and your local history.

Baldwin’s Book Barn:

Kate Chadwick got an inside look at all five of Baldwin’s stories and explored all of the nooks and crannies the barn has to offer.

“The 10,000 square foot barn is packed with more than 300,000 books, some new, most used, and in some cases, very rare.”

“The doorways are arched, curved into the stone in Hobbit-like fashion; the old wood floors creak softly beneath your feet.”

“For now, though, the only overnight residents at Baldwin’s are the three ghosts alleged to inhabit the premises, one of them purported to be a female Darlington.”

West Chester Public Library:

Catherine Quillman delves into the history of our local library. Back in the old days, libraries were small and inside banks, but readers started going to the bank more for the books than to deposit their cash.

“The library’s website says that they receive more than 110,000 visits annually and circulate more than 150,000 items per year.”

“The windows are illustrated with quotes by Bayard Taylor, a Kennett-born writer and poet.”

“This building was built some 130 years ago. It has never been anything but a library, and it still works as a library.”

Second Reading I & II:

I nestled two of my favorite shops in West Chester: both Second Reading Book Stores. Each store offers a unique atmosphere, but they each ultimately serve the West Chester Senior Center and promote community engagement with their volunteers.

“The atmosphere has to come from within. People who volunteer or shop here, they all feel something.”

“When customers come in, they almost exhale. They just want to be here for five or 10 minutes. They’re looking for something that goes beyond books.”

“Like its predecessors, the shop’s inviting window welcomes swathes of natural light that illuminate its many book-lined shelves.”

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