Uptown Presents “Kiss the Sky” Hendrix and Heavy Cream Event

Kiss the Sky: The Jimi Hendrix Re-Experience and Heavy Cream Tribute Bands!

“Believe the hype! The show lives up to it!”

Get ready to for a retro rock-n-roll experience. On Thursday, January 25th, Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center presents “Kiss the Sky: The Jimi Hendrix Re-Experience and the Heavy Cream Tribute Bands.” This epic night of Guitar-God music straight out of the 1960s will fill you with so much nostalgia for this decade. Jimy Bleu will be performing as Hendrix and Billy “the Kid” Thoden will be performing as Eric Clapton — and he is just 16 years old! “Kiss the Sky” is a national tour that is making a stop in West Chester to offer one fun and musical night to our local community.

Since 2016, the Jimi Hendrix Re-Experience has toured 48 states, and had kicked off with a televised concert and had since been playing at festivals, concert venues, and upscale clubs.

Audiences are forewarned that they will love this show, as Jimy Bleu is a perfect stand-in for Jimi Hendrix, even performing his signature moves accurately. And Billy Thoden’s performance of Eric Clapton is said to be amazing. “Kiss the Sky” will feature these singers in a historically accurate wardrobe and instruments that are replicas of Hendrix’s and Clapton’s originals. These tribute bands pay an homage to everything there is to love about Hendrix and Clapton, and will also feature Joshua Light show, which was originally used by Hendrix in the Fillmore East.

Heavy Cream itself is a tribute to rock music. Always aiming to be historically accurate, they replicate various instruments and gear, including the famous “Fool” Clapton artwork guitars, Cream’s double Ludwig drum kit, the British Marshall amps, and the authentic wardrobe.

The concert organizers are thrilled to bring this “Hendrix Meets Clapton” duo to West Chester.

The Rolling Stone saw the concert and says, “Yes, believe the hype! The show lives up to it!”

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