“I ♥ WC” is Here!

Our February issue, “I ♥ WC” is out online and around the borough!

What are the reasons you love West Chester?

This month, we’re sharing all the reasons we love this incredible town (and why our readers feel the same way!) We chatted with the leaders who love this town and asked them why they love representing West Chester. We also delved behind the scenes of the annual showcase with the West Chester Wedding Guide, and we asked residents why they love West Chester and what their favorite things are.

The Leaders Who Love this Town:

We talked to representatives, presidents, directors, mayors, and board members about the reasons they traveled or remained in West Chester to represent it in their fields. And why they are proud to call West Chester their home.

“In good times and bad, we are always there for each other” — State Representative Carolyn Comitta

“If you can’t find a favorite restaurant—or five— you’re not even trying!” Executive Director Malcolm Johnstone

“We share a love of West Chester and a tireless vision and hope for its future” — Mayor Dianne Herrin

Bringing Love to the Borough:

Our writer Kate Chadwick looked into the annual wedding showcase with the West Chester Wedding Guide.

“The West Chester Wedding Guide is comprised of a team of local nuptials professionals with one goal: executing your vision of your wedding day with minimal stress.”

“We are a networking group, with an executive committee of five core members and a total number of 31” — President Cyndi Meadows

“[The showcase] is absolutely like planning a wedding, with lots of work leading up to it” — WCWG Member Tara Thistlewaite

People of West Chester:

Our photographer Sabina Sister hit the pavement asking residents why they loved living and working in West Chester. Here are just a few of the things they said!

“[West Chester] has a really tight community vibe.”

“My husband and I love to support local businesses!”

“There’s a lot of nostalgia from visiting where my folks grew up.”

Check out “I ♥ WC” now online for the rest of our stories!