Uptown Presents 2018 Oscar-Nominated Short Films

See the 2018 Oscar-Nominated Short Films

Whether you’re a true film enthusiasts or new to the love of movies, Uptown’s showing will be enjoyable for everyone.

Tonight from 6:30pm to 10:30pm, Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center will presenting a collection of 2018 Oscar-nominated short films. This will be an exclusive release of this year’s most spectacular short films in live action and animation.

Uptown is kicking off the night with the animated shorts category, which is projected to run for about 90 minutes. After a brief intermission, the live action films will be played for an additional 90 minutes. The audience will be enjoying a full-length viewing of all five nominees in these two categories.

The Oscar nominees for all categories were announced in late January. Uptown’s special release of these short films with ShortsTV will provide enthusiasts with the opportunity to see these short films before the 2018 Oscars is aired on March 4th. Short films typically last about 40 minutes, including credits.

“Short films every year are just an amazing way to see new things that are happening in film. You can get a much better sense of new techniques and new ways of storytelling. The thing about going to watch a group of short films like the Oscar nominees is that they’re the top of the heap. You’re seeing the young talent coming through with new approaches, and new approaches to old ideas” — Carter Pilcher, Cable Channel ShortsTV CEO

For at least 10 years, ShortsTV has proudly brought this short-film program to audiences across the globe, including Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia, and now, West Chester.

Free popcorn will be provided. Tickets cost $20 for the full, 10-movie program tonight. Film-goers are encouraged to come and go as they like throughout the evening. For more information on tonight’s event, visit Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center or call 610.356.2787.