Employee of the Month: Erinn Hazley

Talking the joys of real estate with Realtor Erinn Hazley of the Kit Anstey Real Estate Team.

From April “Design” issue.

How long have you been working in real estate at Kit? Since 2013.

Why did you start working with them? My family in the construction and development industry, Hazley Builders. I’ve been around it my entire life. After I graduated from James Madison University, I worked at a civil engineering company, then worked at Hazley. At that point, in 2008, I decided to get my real estate license. At Hazley, I was helping clients make selections for different projects, like investing in flips—when you buy houses that needs lots of  renovations. I started working at Kit Anstey, briefly left, and then returned here full-time in real estate. I got into real estate because I love the historical houses, especially the ones in our area.

Have you encountered any exceptional homes? There was a house I sold in Glen Mills, next to the train station. It was a big, Victorian house that used to have a store on the first floor. Up in the attic, there used to be a dance hall and there were all these old pictures that were drawn on the wall that the sellers had left there. They were beautiful grounds. It was neat to go in and see the bones of the home. It’s nice to see historical homes like these preserved.

What’s the benefit of working here, versus working with family? It wasn’t that I didn’t want to work with them. Working in real estate is a good complement to Hazley, but it’s also something I can do on my own. Here it’s not just renovations and new homes . It’s everything from helping out first-time home buyers getting into their first house to people who are downsizing. 

What do you think is most rewarding? I love seeing everyone’s excitement when they’re buying a home for the first time. You can spend a long time looking for a certain house and once you find it, you just know. It’s a good feeling. Most of the time, it’s not a house — it’s a home.


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