Market Street Grill: A Family Brought Together By Food

From the family feeling to the fantastic food, Market Street Grill is a well-loved breakfast & lunch restaurant.

Found in “Family Owned & Operated.”

Kerry Greco, owner of Market Street Grill,  had been in the restaurant industry his entire life, working for other people, biding his time for the right opportunity to launch his own business. When that opportunity came, it made perfect sense to launch a breakfast and lunch restaurant.

After all, prior to the failing Mexican restaurant Kerry bought on Market Street, their location was a breakfast restaurant, Mr. Sandwich, that successfully served breakfast and lunch for years. But more importantly, he wanted to put his family first. “I wanted to serve breakfast and lunch so I could be home at night with my kids,” Kerry says.

Family Involvement was Inevitable

One of those kids, Kerry’s son Christian, has been working for his dad since his teenage years, but it wasn’t until after college that Christian really understood how much he loved the family business. “I graduated and tried a corporate job,” Christian says. “I quickly realized a cubicle wasn’t for me. Inevitably, I wanted to be involved with the restaurant.”

Kerry was excited when his son chose to follow in his footsteps. “When he came on board, it was awesome,” he says. “I felt comfortable with him running the show here, so I could focus more on building our second location in Downingtown.”

Christian won’t be the last Greco to join the business — his brother Dominic is in the wings — nor was he the first. “People’d always ask me, ‘Who’s that old lady out front?'” remembers Kerry. “Well, it was my mom — she was with us from day one.” Joan Greco became like a mother to everyone who worked at Market Street Grill, and even to many regular customers. “She’s the one that made it a family place,” Kerry says.

To the regulars who stop by for meals as often as seven days a week, to the staff — many of whom have been there for years — that family feel is tangible. Kerry laughs and says, “We’ve even got three generations of the Camacho family working in the kitchen!”