Rothwell Document Solutions: 71 Years & Counting

For almost seven decades, Rothwell Document Solutions has been renowned for their high-quality printing & document services.

Found in “Family Owned & Operated.”

After World War II, John P. Rothwell Sr. worked at Remington Rand Typewriter Company in Philadelphia, selling and servicing typewriters. By 1947 he’d found the desire to set out on his own, with a vision for West Chester to have a local service option.

Kevin Rothwell recounts the story of how his grandfather got started. “He used to work in West Chester and represent Remington as a one-man shop,” Kevin says. “But he realized he could do a better job on his own and soon left to start his own company, Rothwell Office Supply.”

His customers agreed, and John Sr. quickly gained a reputation for high-quality products and personal service. His son, John Jr., joined the business at a young age. “He remembers winding up typewriter spools in the basement of his childhood home,” Kevin says of his father. “He later bought the company from my grandfather in 1986.”

Kevin initially had reservations about joining the family business and set out to find his own career. He worked for a variety of large corporations, living in three different cities in three years. But, after forging his own path, Kevin came back home in 2004 when his father hired him to run business development and assist in company operations. In January 2016, Kevin bought the company from his father, and has since seen a 300% growth.

Throughout its seven decades, Rothwell Document Solutions has built their business by maintaining old relationships and attracting new customers with high-quality printing systems and document management. “Our technology and our locations may have changed over the years,” Kevin says. “But there’s one thing that will never change: our name.”