Creating Memories at Kaplan’s Fine Jewelry

Each piece of jewelry isn’t just jewelry — it’s a memory, something the customer would tell a story with.

From “Family Owned & Operated.”

As a child, Evan Kaplan remembers being in the family’s jewelry store after hours, waiting around for parents Lisa and Ivan to finish up for the day. “My Dad would come over and show me the pieces he was working on. It was neat seeing the things he’d made, knowing that they were going to people who would be creating memories with them.”

Today, the third-generation Kaplan is part of the business, but that wasn’t always the plan. “I always thought I didn’t want to do it because my parents worked too hard,” he said. “As I grew up and started helping around the shop, though, seeing people’s faces when they would see a piece of jewelry and hearing their stories — it changed my mind.”

Like other family businesses, Evan cites getting along as a potential source of friction. “We all have strong opinions. We ll have an idea about how things should be done. When those ideas don’t line up, it can be tough to navigate that.”

The resolution? “My Dad’s the boss,” he laughs “Always. Then my Mom. And then me.”

Being a family business lets the Kaplans focus on what’s important. “We know our customers. They’ve become part of our family over the years,” Evan told us. “If there is ever an issue, we go out of our way to fix it. There are no rules or corporate policies to follow. Being family-based gives us the flexibility to make sure every customer is happy.”