Tips on How to Avoid the Winter Blues

Have you felt yourself moving into a certain “funk” during the winter season? If you have, it’s understandable.


With the weather being so cold and gloomy, it’s easy to feel this way. We came up with a list that may help with that “winter blues” , to get you back on track and feeling awesome.



Set your body up for success

  • Take a trip to The Prana House –  Stock up on herbal goods, to keep your immune system healthy all year round. Our favorite is their “Be Well” Syrup.
  • Purchase a Himalayan salt lamp – Having a salt lamp in your bedroom reduces stress, allergies, and produces cleaner air. It’s also said to be good for your skin, helping with hydration in dry weather.
  • Make an appointment to Goshen Chiropractic Center – If you are battling any lower back or neck pain, they offer therapy treatments to decrease this pain.

Treat Yourself.

Organize your life.

  • Go through your closet – Donate your clothes to Goodwill for items you haven’t worn in a while.
  • Give your home a new makeover – Some of the most unique home decor you could get would be from Giunta’s Furniture or Old Soul Decor. They both have awesome finds.
  • Donate your old trophies – Right Touch Trophies will take any old trophies or awards you may have. They recycle old parts to make brand new awards.
  • Make sure your technology is up to date and running correctly – Computer Doctors is a great place to give your laptop a checkup, or fix any issue you may have.

Get Moving.

  • Purchase a gym membership – There are many options for gyms to workout in West Chester. Mitch’s Gym, Planet Fitness, or The YMCA. Many of these gyms are affordable and won’t break the bank!
  • If you don’t like the gym so much, try something new – Brandywine Yoga, and the Local Yoga Cafe offer classes to take. You can sign up online, and they are very affordable.
  • Take a simple walk outside even if it’s cold out – Getting Fresh air is something many people don’t get enough of. You could take a five minute stroll through one of the local parks in West Chester. One of our favorites is Everhart Park.

Stay Connected.

  • Grab a cup of coffee – Meet a friend at Fenn’s Coffee during your lunch break.
  • Go visit the Brandywine Valley SPCA – Say hello to the adorable cats and dogs. Give them the love and attention they yearn for, or maybe even consider adopting.
  • Get a group of friends together and go out in West Chester – Kildare’s, Barnaby’s and Timothy’s all have weekly trivia nights to participate in.

Create New Traditions and Habits

  • Go to a monthly performance –  The Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center hosts many live performances several times a month including comedy, theater, film, and education. You get a different experience each show you decide to attend, it’s one of our favorite outings to participate in within the borough.
  • Go out for wing night Wednesdays – Barnaby’s hosts a wing night special every Wednesday, costing only $5 for 10 wings.
  • Grab breakfast every Sunday morning or afternoon – Enjoy a hot meal at Market Street Grill to end your weekend on a good note.