Iconic English Bulldog, Wally Will Never Be Forgotten

West Chester’s Wally Kennedy; an icon of the Borough has passed away.

Norman (left) Wally (right)

For almost nine years, Wally and his brother Norman brought happiness throughout our community.

Wally had a happy wag for anyone who passed his window, on South Walnut where he lived. His lovable parents, Denise and Mick Kennedy appreciated the dog’s positivism towards everyone who came by to visit. Each day, Wally would eagerly await to greet both new, and old friends to show his love.

Wally will always be remembered forever in all of our hearts. May he Rest In Peace.

Below, are some sweet memories, and kind words about our favorite Bulldog.

Words from Denise and Mick (Wally’s owners):

“Once the window was closed as my husband and I were preparing our dinner, there was a tap on the window gesturing me to open it, from whom to me was a stranger but of course to Wally, an old friend. “I’m so sorry to disturb you but this is important, my family has made a special trip to your window to see Wally and if my son does not get a chance to see him he will be upset for the rest of the day.” Wally happily jumped to his position in the window and the father lifted his son from his wheelchair so he could hug and receive drooling love from this extraordinary dog.”

“A few years ago, a student guide from West Chester University was showing freshman around town. Wally was at the window, with his tail wagging profusely. I hear the spiel.. “and this is Wally, he is a fixture and if you are walking to town, and the window’s open he’ll always greet you with a smile and a kiss..he’s one of us!”

“I’ve lived in this town since the early 90’s and I’ve met a few of my neighbors but, like most in this society, keep a low profile. However, where I go throughout Chester County attending meetings, parties, social functions, medical appointments etc.,  people are not sure of who I am, but if I mention Wally at the window on South Walnut St, they ALL know him” -Denise Kennedy

Words from the Public:

“Every time we’d walk down Walnut when it was warm out, we’d stop by Wally and his cute white face. He was always super friendly and curious about everyone walking by.” -Alex Frye

“My sister and I would always pass Wally when walking home from class, and seeing him lean out the window, ready to greet strangers with his tongue out always brought a smile to our faces” -Liz Hart

“I lived near there and walked past him often. It was always cool to see him chillin in the window” -Nigel Adams

“When we used to bartend at Mas years ago, Wally was the favorite part of our daily walks to work. We always looked forward to seeing his wrinkly snout and big head hanging out the window to happily greet (or sometimes scare) us!” -Britt Fahey

“The first time I walked past the house where Wally classically hung his head out the window, I thought it was pretty funny. As time went on I realized Wally and the other dog did this often, almost every time I walked by. Very quickly, they became well known around West Chester, and for good reason. I’m positive that people would go out of there way, just to see those dogs. They brightened the days of many.” -Austin Lillis

“He always would put a smile on my face and turn my day around when I saw his big mushy face hanging out the window” -Robb Gray

“Every time I walked to my friend Kristen’s house he would pop his head out and great me walking. It was always a pleasant surprise!” -Nayah Cruz

“On the way back from dinner in town, me and my boyfriend noticed the two pups across the street. They were both leaning so far out the window, that one of them could easily jump out. Moments later, we saw a group of people walk up to the window, and started saying hello to the dogs. We crossed the street and did the same. From that moment on, my boyfriend and I acquired extreme puppy fever. We can’t wait to get a Wally of our own!” -Courtney Potts, Social Media Coordinator & Editorial Assistant at The West Chester Press

“I used to live on South Walnut St., and he was a regular feature of my walks into town. I’d be lost in thought, cut off from the world with my headphones. But then I’d look up and there’d be this hilarious doggo in the window, looking right back at me. No matter what else was going on, I’d always smile.” -Dan Mathers, Publisher & Owner of The West Chester Press