West Chester Short Film Festival 2019

The West Chester Short Film Festival is this weekend, in which many of us have been waiting anxiously for.

The festival showcases a variety of films, from all around the world. This festival will last from Friday, through Sunday evening, showing more than 60 films. This event will take place at many places throughout West Chester including, Chester County Historical Society , Uptown! Knuaer Performing Arts Center, Align.Space , La Baguette Magique , Pietro’s Prime,
Appalachian Brewing Company , and Split Rail Tavern. Take a look at the schedule they have planned for all three days:


5PM – Start the weekend off with an exciting opening party, at Align Space.

7PM– Shows begin at the Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center, in the Bravo Main stage Theater with:

The Driver Is Red
The Replacement
The Legend of Upper Melinda Witch
Good Mourning
The Science of Collective Discovery
Cross My Heart
One Small Step

9:10PM – Shows continue at Uptown! in the Bravo Mainstage theater with:

Black Sheep
Kill The Engine
Who Said You Can’t Dance


9:30AM – At Uptown! Bravo Mainstage Theater—

West Chester Family Film Festival:

Max & the Dragonfly
Mr. Orange & Baby Snot
Sweet Silence
Late Afternoon
One Small Step

11AM – Continuing at Uptown! Bravo Mainstage Theater—

Young Filmmaker Film Festival

Mr. Orange and Baby Snot
A Wonderful Thing
The Sibling War
The Tunnel
The Ladder
NEON 110
Eye of the Beholder
A Soft Touch
The Five Senses
The Fog Ahead
a Sweet Silence
Nearly Bungled

11:15PM – Place to be announced—

Documentary Hacks:

Presented by Pat Taggart

2:30PM – at Uptown! Bravo Mainstage Theater—

The Fox
Hoan Alone
Short Wave
Justin Geller – Thought It Would Be A Good Story

3:30 PM – at La Baguette Magique

Pop Up French Film Collection

Pepe le Morse
Il etait une fois mon prince viendra

4:15PM – Place to be announced—

After You Pull Off Your Shorts: A Filmmaker’s Path

Presented by Greg Koorhan

5:30 PM – Pietro’s Prime —

Meet and Greet (Open to filmmakers and patrons)

7:00 PM – Back at Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center Bravo Mainstage Theater showing—

The Race
Insane Love
Il Etait Une Fois Mon Prince Viendra
The Helping Hand
Magic Alps
Animal Behaviour

9:10PM – Continuing at Uptown! Bravo Mainstage Theater—

The Hoaxing
Everything’s Fine: A Panic Attack in D Major
Shadow Animals
The Right Choice

10:00 PM – Moving over to Appalachian Brewing Company showing—

Pop Up Horror/Suspense Collection

Chateau Sauvignon: terroir
The Hoaxing
The Legend of Upper Melinda Witch
Shadow Animals


10:30AM – Starting at Split Rail Tavern

Pop Up Coffee and Cartoons Collection

Animal Behaviour
The Fox

12pm– Back at Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center Bravo Mainstage Theater showing—

Friendly Neighborhood Coven
Simple Things
A Night at the Garden
Loser Leaves Town
Grandpa Walrus
Are Your Volleyball?!

2:15PM – Continuing at Uptown! Bravo Mainstage Theater—

My Dead Dad’s Porno Tapes
Difficult People
Late Afternoon
May Day
The Slab

6PM – Ending at Uptown! Bravo Mainstage Theater—

Closing Party!

Please Note: The Family Film Festival on Saturday morning is free for ages 10 and younger, followed by the Young Filmmaker Festival. For all other film categories, there may be some cases where the language or subject material may not be suitable for children under 13 years old. Please use discretion.


Purchase tickets online, through the West Chester Film Festival’s website. They offer multiple options, that will fit all availability schedules.