2019 Shave Off for SHiNe

This past weekend an event called Shave Off for SHiNe was hosted at Side Bar and Restaurant, raising $6,000.

Photos by Courtney Potts

Starting back in 2011, Side Bar’s staff members decided to let their beards grow, refusing to shave — to support patients who are battling cancer in Chester County. The Shave Off event, raised funds for SHiNe; a volunteer organization who’s mission is to assist these local patients with this deathly disease. SHiNe strives to lessen the burden of cancer, facing their challenges with dignity, strength, and determination.

Each participant teamed up with a local salon and raised money towards SHiNe for the Shave Off. On Saturday, these volunteers had their beards completely shaved off, and/or hair cut. Now, getting your hair cut or face shaved isn’t that big of a deal — we all do it. But when you add on a dozen people watching you get it done in a public walkway, it may add some anxiety. Kudos, to everyone who participated and spent many hours towards this event.

Salons who generously participated were: Avante, Calista, Refinery, La Difference, Headquarters, Cruisn Style, Champions, and Big League Haircuts. As for the brave — and may I emphasize impressive volunteers were: John, Jacob, Gavin, Tyler, Justin, Derek, Kate, Drew, Tom, Scott, & little 9-year-old Gavin.

This was an awesome event seeing the community come together, to bring awareness towards such a meaningful cause. We were grateful to attend!

To see more pictures from Shave Off for SHiNe, you can find them on our Facebook Page.