The Art Trust: New Summer Exhibit

The Art Trust’s new works, titled Trashy Women Exhibit.

The gallery is now available to view at the Meridian Bank on 16 W Market St.

The Trashy Women are a collective of women artists who share materials, methods, and visions. Together, these women have created an artistic story about infinite possibilities and the unseen beauty that is all around us.

Several artists are featured in this unique gallery including: Maggie Creshkoff, Sue Eyet, Caryn Hetherston, Dragonfly Leathrum, Jo Pinder, Donna Steck-McMahon, Trebs Thompson, Jamie Troiani and Mindy Ward.

Materials like paint, paper, canvas and clay are traditional to use to create art, and often lack creativity and uniqueness. The Trashy Women turn discards and detritus into beautiful art.

The exhibit runs from July 28th through August 2nd. The public also has the chance to attend the Artists’ Talk event on August 1st, from 7-8pm. The artists will speak out about their creative process and visions they had towards their works.