Making Their Mark: Cassius Kingston III

These under-40 influencers are making their mark. Meet Cassius Kingston III, the street artist.

Story by: Kate Chadwick

Cassius Kingston III, Age 39

Street Artist

We can thank Rex’s Bar for the surge in street art around town these days. According to Cassisus Kingston III, street artist behind the eponymous Instagram account @Cassius.k1ng, he first came to West Chester 20 years ago for an open mic night at the bar, and he has called this town his home ever since that fateful night. More renowned for his artwork than his vocals lately, King or “CK” as he is known, has been making his mark on the borough with playful vinyl sticker street art on everything from street signs to walls to sidewalks.

King believes signs take up too much space to convey a message that every-one already knows, and that instead they should be utilized for beautification. His intention is to capture the sensation of seeing a magic trick for the first time,or to share an inside joke with someone he’s likely never met.

Fans should spot his work around town, or on his Instagram page. King also has limited print graphic t-shirts available at May23 on Gay Street and will soon be releasing limited prints.

[Since @Cassius.k1ng keeps his annonymity online, choosing instead to black-out images of himself with cutouts of the night sky, we opted to do the same here in print. I guess defacing public property does have a certain downside…]

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