Making Their Mark: Chris Hazley

These under-40 influencers are making their mark. Meet Chris Hazley, the structural scion.

Story by: Kate Chadwick

Chris Hazley, Age 31

Hazley Builders

Could you work with members of your immediate family? How ‘bout a whole buncha them? Chris Hazley, along with his brothers and father, who founded the family business, not only make it look easy(not to mention beautiful), they manage to give back to the community as well.

Born and raised in East Bradford, Chris went to Virginia Tech before returning to West Chester to join the family business in 2016, where he works as Business Development and Service Director.

While you’ve likely seen examples of Hazley Builders’ craftsmanship all over Chester County, the work doesn’t stop there. Chris is a board member and Vice President of the West Chester Downtown Foundation where he serves on the grants committee, and on the Board of Trustee sat the West Chester Public Library.

That’s not all. Chris is also involved with the Ruth Bennett Community Farm (an environmental education center in Chester), the Andrew L. Hicks Foundation’s Champions of Hope (providing youth mentorship to diverse communities), and is an Up On The Roof committee member.

Despite his ambitious schedule of work and service, Chris says his goals are fairly simple: continue to create a standard of craftsmanship and structural integrity for homes in and around West Chester, and to be able to grow and give back to the community while providing the highest level of service to their clients.Chris is another example of someone who left West Chester but was drawn back home, knowing he was prepared to bring value to the town he loves.

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