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West Chester has long had a strong sense of community–it’s the reason those of us who grew up here never left, and why people who ended up here later in life have never managed to escape. But, there has never been a voice to speak for that community… until now. The WC Press strives to be the voice of the borough, introducing you to interesting businesses, inspiring people and all the intricate stories that unfold within this community. The pages of our magazine are filled with familiar faces, old standbys and–just maybe–your next favorite shop, event, dish or drink.

Our free magazine is distributed to more than 250 locations in the West Chester area every month. And, while we don’t do mailed subscriptions, you can signup for our free digital subscription so you can peek through the pages and receive a notification when each new issue is delivered.

We hope you enjoy the magazine!

Dan Mathers

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Nick Vecchio

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Kate Chadwick

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Nazarena Luzzi Castro

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Dan Balmer
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Jesse Piersol

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