The WC – Vol. 1, No. 10 – October 6, 2011

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The Best Of The Worst

John Alexander gives his list of the most painful karaoke songs of all time DAISUKE Inoue was awarded the Ig Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for inventing karaoke, “thereby providing an entirely new way for people to learn to tolerate each other.” We find that one night of karaoke tends to be painful enough, but […]

West Chester Nightlife Calendar – 10/9-10/22

We know you like to have fun… our list of upcoming activities for the 21+ crowd Monday 10/9: Ryan’s Pub’s Annual Golf Outing 11am At Radley Run Country Club For just $100 participants receive a round of golf, access to the driving range, a boxed lunch, drinks on the course, a cart and beef and […]

Finding Treasure

Pickin’ through Chester County, by Tara Dugan EVERYTHING old is new again. With Pan Am, Mad Men and The Playboy Club on television, retro drinks, and the resurgence of linoleum and Formica, it feels as though we are in the middle of last century. In fact, mid-century modern (as it is commonly known) is one […]

The October Playlist

DJ Romeo’s must-download tracks of the month THE trend of electronic dance music crossing over into the mainstream continues in the month of October, as songs are being remixed, reproduced, and re-released to much acclaim. Many of these songs are already huge hits on the international club scene, but you can expect them to start […]

A Trainer’s Tips On Staying Fit

Christine Mooney shares her insights on staying happy and healthy LIKE every other uncomfortable teenager, I shot up a good five inches in the span of a few short months, making me all arms and legs and awkwardness. I would clip the edges of walls as I turned corners, knock into doorframes, drop things. At […]

It’s Just A Three-Letter Word

Jill McDevitt explores why something as natural and necessary as sex is so taboo SINCE antiquity, women have been diagnosed with a medical condition called hysteria, the symptoms of which include “heaviness of the genitals,” “depression,” and “a tendency to cause trouble,” among others. Treatment included “pelvic manipulations” either by water pressure or a doctor’s […]

The West Chester Food Safari

Jeremy Malanka refuses to let go of his childhood CHEESE + tomato + bread = quick and easy food. This equation is often the solution when we’re short on time or energy, but as adults we often forget our initial love affair with this delectable slab of goodness. Try to imagine your first slice. That […]

9/29: Plein Air Brandywine Valley

Plein Air Brandywine Valley is a painting and photography competition, show and sale featuring the beauty of the Brandywine Valley. From Sunday, September 25 to Saturday, October 1 artists will paint and photograph the most scenic properties of the Brandywine Valley. On Thursday, the tour stops in West Chester for a fun-filled day including workshops […]

Employee of the Month

Rachel Powell, manager of Greene Street Consignment, shares tips on affordable fashion WOMEN love to shop. That’s not a sexist statement, it’s the truth. Okay, so maybe it is a broad generalization, and a particularly bad case of stereotyping, but I think we could all agree that it is mostly true. Which is why places […]