This month, to make space for new advertisers and articles, The WC grew eight pages. It’s the second time we’ve done that, meaning that the magazine you are now holding is 40% larger than it was just three months ago. This all happened during a time when many people claim that West Chester is […]

Finding Treasure

Pickin’ through Chester County with Tara Dugan Forget what the calendar says, August is the true beginning of the New Year. Ryan Seacrest aside (or Dick Clark for some of us), August is the time of new beginnings and fresh starts. This is particularly true in a college town such as West Chester – there […]

DJ Romeo’s August Playlist

The must-download tracks of the month The sounds of summer have been filled with instant classics such as LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” and new music releases in August are sure to continue the trend. The following are the songs that radio stations will play and DJs will spin. They will be remixed and mashed-up by […]

A Trainer’s Tips On Staying Fit

Christine Mooney shares her insight on staying happy and healthy In my experience, people have a tendency to create complex algorithms to determine how much exercise they need to counteract the devastating effects of the calories from the French Fries/scoops of ice cream/bottles of Sam Adams they consumed over the weekend or for dinner on […]

What’s Happening In West Chester

Catherine Rogers realizes she’s been self-centered Steve Soars stands on the foundation where construction of the Pemba vocational school is now taking place. Each of us plod through our lives with our blinders on, our focus strictly on ourselves – our own successes and our own needs. We often fail to notice the world beyond […]

7/31: Bar Tour For Bella

On November 2, 2010, Mary Reck tragically passed away, leaving behind her 3-year-old daughter, Isabella Rose. In an effort to raise money for Bella, West Chester restaurants hosted a bar crawl. 100% of donations and proceeds went to a trust for Isabella.

Going Organic (And Local) At Shoo Mama’s

There’s a good-ol’, down-home feeling you get when talking to Lynn Powers. Walk through the doors of his restaurant in the Commons of Thornbury just outside of town, and it’s like you’ve entered his home. He greets the customers at Shoo Mama’s Farm Fresh Café and asks about the family and friends of his regulars. […]

A Local Band On The Rise

Lukas JP is hard to really understand. He speaks quickly, uses bigger words than necessary and often jumps from point A to point B without any clear-cut connectors. He’s difficult to pin down and can be quick to get down to brass tacks. Despite this, you want to talk to Lukas. It’s not just that […]

Keeping It All In The Family

Some restaurant owners manage from afar. They hire managers to oversee operations, chefs to run the kitchen and hire a maitre d’ to interact with their customers. Sean and Maris Powell couldn’t be more different. Sean and Marisa are the owners of both Pietro’s Prime and Nonna’s, and despite having two restaurants, it’s rare if […]

Friday 8/5 5pm: First Friday

Start the weekend right on the first Friday of every month. The stores stay open late just for you! It’s the perfect time to come to Downtown West Chester and see what’s new and what’s cool. Participating stores include OBVI, Blink, The Five Senses, Sunset Hill Fine Arts Gallery and Serpentine Gallery. For specific information […]