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Finding Treasure

Pickin’ through Chester County, by Tara Dugan TECHNOLOGY is a wonderful thing. Even in my line of work, where I spend my days venerating the design of furniture and home accessories from the middle of last century, I recognize that it is, ironically, Silicon Valley that makes it possible for us to appreciate the goods […]

It’s Just A Three-Letter Word

Jill McDevitt explores why something as natural and necessary as sex is so taboo OCTOBER is Family Sex Education Month, a good time to reflect on how notoriously crappy most parents are at teaching something as important as sexuality to their children, and a good time to make attempts to be less crappy for your […]

The West Chester Food Safari

Jeremy Malanka finds a spot of sunshine in the middle of his work day I LOVE breakfast and everything about it. It’s the best way to start a successful, focused day. But lunch… Lunch breaks up the day, offers you a respite from the office, your kids, your boss, or whatever else you need to […]

DJ Romeo’s Halloween Playlist

THE PUMPKIN is carved, your costume is on, you’ve mixed a bowl of punch (check out the great recipes on page 35) and spilled fake blood all over. Now all that’s left is the music. We all have a set of Halloween favorites (unless you’re one of those people who prefers creepy ambient noises to […]

Bartender Of The Month

We try to slow down Joe Keane of Alibis Café long enough to answer a few questions HUMANS, by nature, are social animals, and bartenders are even more sociable creatures than most of us. It’s in the job description. Of all the bartenders we’ve asked, “What’s the best part of the job?” every single one […]

West Chester Calendar Of Events – 10/6-10/27

All Month Long: West Chester University’s Mahatma Gandhi Exhibit Celebrating the life and legacy of one of this past century’s greatest men, this exhibit features photographs and works of Gandhi as well as Indian fabric and artifacts on loan from Dr Shiv Gupta and Nirmal Garg. West Chester University, Francis Harvey Green Library, 610-436-3383, Fridays […]

West Chester Nightlife Calendar – 10/9-10/22

We know you like to have fun… our list of upcoming activities for the 21+ crowd Monday 10/9: Ryan’s Pub’s Annual Golf Outing 11am At Radley Run Country Club For just $100 participants receive a round of golf, access to the driving range, a boxed lunch, drinks on the course, a cart and beef and […]

Finding Treasure

Pickin’ through Chester County, by Tara Dugan EVERYTHING old is new again. With Pan Am, Mad Men and The Playboy Club on television, retro drinks, and the resurgence of linoleum and Formica, it feels as though we are in the middle of last century. In fact, mid-century modern (as it is commonly known) is one […]

The October Playlist

DJ Romeo’s must-download tracks of the month THE trend of electronic dance music crossing over into the mainstream continues in the month of October, as songs are being remixed, reproduced, and re-released to much acclaim. Many of these songs are already huge hits on the international club scene, but you can expect them to start […]

A Trainer’s Tips On Staying Fit

Christine Mooney shares her insights on staying happy and healthy LIKE every other uncomfortable teenager, I shot up a good five inches in the span of a few short months, making me all arms and legs and awkwardness. I would clip the edges of walls as I turned corners, knock into doorframes, drop things. At […]